Monday, December 27, 2010

B Movie Man Kicks Ass

Sylvie and I had the esteemed pleasure of chatting with the wonderful, sensational B MOVIE MAN, Nic Brown, of BMOVIEMAN.COM. If you haven't checked out the site, take a break today and check it out. Actually, go check it out now. It's right HERE. Yep, it's overflowing with cinematic and horrific goodies, but that's not all. It's got fantasy and sci-fi goodies that'll give your inner nerd a total geek~gasm. I know it got my spidey sense all tingly.

We were treated to a kick ass interview and naturally, wicked awesomeness ensued.

What are our favorite horror movies? What do we find to be the greatest challenge in film making? What can we say about our new project, AMERICAN MARY? What do we do when we're not making movies?

For all these answers and more, feast on the full featured article HERE!

A very special thanks to Nic Brown for the exquisite interview!

Blood Soaked Best!

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