Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Badgirls Sends a Holiday Message of Twisted Love

When people you love go through difficulty, sadness, and pain - it hurts. One can feel powerless and weak while wanting their loved one to be happy and safe - for things to go back to how they 'used to be'. I think that's one of the hardest realizations when you can't save everyone and sometimes the inevitable is just that.

Trying to get a grasp on morality and the cruelty of life having to come to terms with death we wrote and directed a short called BADGIRLS for a 48 hour fast horror film competition called 'Bloodshots'. The film was a top three, audience choice for favorite short but the shocking nature and our dark humor fell on a crowd that just wasn't that into that 'sort of thing'.

But redemption was just around the corner. The short would screen at the second (now monthly) Bleedfest Film Festival in California - hosted by the incredibly talented and hardworking Fies Sisters, Elisabeth and Brenda Fies. Would the short be better liked and enjoyed by a crowd of horror enthusiasts? Let's see what Jonathan Weichsel of Film Radar would say...

"Highlights included Bad Girls, an early short by the Soska sisters, the twisted minds behind the feature Dead Hooker in a Trunk, which I previously reviewed here, as well as the upcoming and highly anticipated feature American Mary. Bad Girls, about a bunch of college kids who avenge the twin’s grandmother after she is attacked, features the Soska sister’s signature twisted sense of humor and bad-ass attitude."

Oh, happy day! Oh, how wonderful! Don't take my word for it - read the whole fan-fucking-tastic review on the festival here - and then get involved in the festival here - and get your bum down to the CAP Theatre in Sherman Oaks, CA and get your drinking, horror face on because you will see rad indie horror films with an OPEN BAR!

How can heaven be so close to earth? Every first Sunday of the month you can get your Bleedfest on. And I simply insist that you do! Thank you to Jonathan for heading out to the fest and spreading the word (and digging BADGIRLS) and to the fabulous Fies for putting on this great festival.


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  1. Thank you so much for blogging about my article. You two are amazing. Keep up the bad ass attitude in 2011 and beyond.