Saturday, December 04, 2010

Teenage Dreams (Twin Mortal Kombat)

Growing up, Jen and I always had an interest in performance and entertainment. When we had the opportunity to take acting and directing classes, it was on. We would take classes and finish all the work in advance so we could just go to the theater and take over the class. I remember certain teachers seeing this in us, and being really supportive. Today, I remember Mr. Gregory Hockley - our law teacher.

I think he knew we would go into film making before we even did. There were times that we thought about other occupations - arachnologist, lawyer, etc. - but the arts was always where our passions laid.

One day, Mr. Hockley took us aside and told us that he wanted to teach the class about witnessing a crime and how perceptions can incorrect during hectic times. He asked us if we would fake a fight, start bickering in class, then going to a make-believe assembly (yup, the scheme went to the higher ups - even the vice principal was involved), then at the assembly we would scrap. Jen was to initiate the faked fight. It was amazing. We were honored to have been picked.

So, next class, we come in and start bitching under our breath at each other. Some students took notice, but siblings argue sometimes and it happens. We got called to the assembly and walked with the class. Our bitching had gotten louder and a couple friends tried to help the situation, we started falling behind to the end of the line. Once we took our place in the bleachers, it was on. I scream at Jen for being such a 'bitch' (lol) and she whacks me good. We engage in Mortal Twin Kombat.

The vice principal, Mr. Molenski, pulls Jen off me. She retorts with a 'get the fuck off me' - and because it was all part of the role, she got to cuss freely - it was fucking spectacular. The class had lost their mind. It was a strange piece of insanity that they had just witnessed. Jen and I were 'taken to the principal's office'. The class was taken back and asked to write a detailed report of what they saw happen, so they had a witness account. After they finished, they were told that they had been tricked into learning and the entire thing had been staged. We were with Mr. Molenski in the hall. He was such a cool guy. It was one of those moments were you start to see adults as cool people, everyone was in on the gag and we were pleased at how well it paid off.

Wherever you are, Mr. Hockley, I hope that you are doing well. You were a fucking hip teacher and I will never forget what a rad class my LAW12 was. Thank you for letting Jen and me be a part of that tom foolery, who knew we would grow up and do this for a living. Actually, maybe you did.


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  1. This was such a wonderful story to share. And I LOVE the photo!! THis is just to toooo tooo awesome! <3 I love learning more and more about my sisters xoxoxo