Friday, December 10, 2010

What Is That Haunting Tune?

There is a very distinct, very haunting sound that flows through the AMERICAN MARY teaser and that is the music of Beck Goldsmith, boys and girls. The track is 'The Watchers' from an upcoming album. Listen to it here. Beck has this to say about the track--
"We are at the final tweaking stages of the album now, so thought we'd give you a sneaky peek at one of the new tracks.

The Watchers has been a familiar friend for a little while. It was written out in Normandy but has only just made it to a final version.

If you've ever read Tim and the Hidden People, conjure up the unsettling 70s illustrations to accompany the track..."

We met quite randomly in Vancouver a few months back, got to talking about our work, and I asked her to send me some of her stuff as we have lots of upcoming projects that still need sound-tracking. It's awesome when fate sends cool people into your life.

When I heard 'The Watchers', it was just perfect for the feel of AMERICAN MARY. It fell right into place in a sequence that I feel they will both mesh together nicely. I just love her voice, it's so haunting and beautiful. Check out her site here. A great talent, stayed tuned for more news from the new film.


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