Friday, December 31, 2010

Rob's End Of The Year Vault!

What an incredible year we and DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK have had thanks to all the rad people in the horror community that have stood by us and behind us - getting the Hooker out there like, well, a hooker. With so much kindness, it has been an overwhelmingly humbling experience. The only reason we are where we are - is because of you. You reading this blog, you who talk to your friends about us and our work, you who wrote about the work and got the word out there. Thank you.

I am tickled pink (although black is my favorite color) when I saw DHIAT included in the year end list from Rob's Movie Vault. It is a very well-written piece that includes a lot of the must-sees of the year. Don't let awesomeness pass you by, read the piece and maybe find a hidden gem in cinema that almost escaped you!

"In the realm of low budget, Richard Griffin’s Nun of That and the Soska Sisters’ Dead Hooker in a Trunk deserve more eyes on them. A Serbian Film is in a category by itself; having “gone there,” it ultimately has nowhere to go."

Thank you for including DHIAT in your list, sir. It is an honor to be included with such an assortment of impressive films. Now, check the whole piece, I read it and it's damn good. Also, Happy almost New Year, girls and boys!


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  1. I love my copy of this film and I plan to buy it once a distributor picks up this KILLER dead HOOKER!

    Oh yeah, you know you want it ;)