Thursday, December 16, 2010

Can't Contain Our Splatter Love!

"Ci sono in giro due sorelline un po' bastarde che vengono dal Canada che, con il loro primo film indipendente, da loro prodotto, scritto, diretto e interpretato, hanno ricevuto una valanga di complimenti da diverse testate editoriali internazionali, oltre che da esperti del settore come Eli Roth. Il film si intitola Dead Hooker in a Trunk e racconta la storia di quattro amici alle prese con un cadavere di una prostituta trovato nel bagagliaio della loro auto. Jen e Sylvia Soska ora si cimentano in questo American Mary, controversa pellicola sempre realizzata tramite la Twisted Twins Productions, compagnia di proprietà delle sorelline."

Roughly translated as...

"There are out two sister a little bastard files that come from the Canada that, with their first independent film, from them produced, written, directed and interpreted, received an avalanche of compliments from different publishing heads international, beyond that from experts of the area like Eli Roth. The film is titled Dead Hooker in to Trunk and tells the story of four friends to the taken with a body of a prostitute found in the luggage compartment of their car. Jen and Sylvia Soska now attempt themselves in this American Mary, controversial film always realized means the Twisted Twins Productions, company of property of the sister."

Who are these wonderful Italians who have such kind words for us? They are Splattercontainer - the biggest Horror Magazine Online from Italy. We are delighted that they have heard of our work and are excited to see what comes next with AMERICAN MARY. I received a message this morning from Marco Viola of Spattercontainer letting us know about their wonderful piece and we can't thank them enough for getting behind the film like this!

Ringraziarla, Splattercontainer! Lei è meraviglioso e resteremo in contatto.

Read the whole article here. You can use this online translator to help here. Enjoy!


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