Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Horror Makes Me Feel Strong

When my sister and I were little girls, we stood out because we are identical twins. It's unusual and the unusual attracts attention. As we got older, we developed a deep love for horror. That fueled the perception of our strangeness. Fitting in as a young person is difficult in anyone's life - we made it through, unscathed, if not for being spat on and called witches a few times.

We had resigned to the thought that we were odd girls and that that would make us somewhat outcast from the general public. I hadn't been introduced to the horror community yet. Hannah Neurotica's genius idea - Women In Horror Recognition Month - changed that loneliness into a realization of comradity through the event. You may not know this, but the horror community consists of the best people on the planet.

The second annual WiH Month is fast approaching - this February - and is coming strong. Everyone is invited to play. You can screen your projects at different WiH film festivals, you can make a poster to raise awareness, you can make any type of art to promote and celebrate what women in horror has meant to you, you can even bleed. Twisted Twins Production will be having our second annual Massive Blood Drive this February and we want you to be a part of it.

Everyone is getting pretty excited about Women in Horror Month. Want in? Good, because we want you involved too! Start getting excited and make some plans - let's make this event huge.



  1. Yaaaay! BleedFest is hosting Tara's Blood Drive this year...they're going to outside our CAP Theatre all of our February 6th event!!!!

  2. By the way, would love to play your American Mary trailer know what I JUST thought of?? A trailer competition. Why the fuck not???? Have five female filmmakers' trailers square off and the audience votes...then they would really pay attention to the trailer!!!!!

  3. That sounds fantastic! But, fuck, if it's for Bleedfest - why not give something exclusive just to be screened there?