Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Blood Sprayer's Top Ten of 2010

That's right. It's getting closer and closer. 2011.

Time to reflect on the past year and remember what made 2010 so wicked awesome. And with that, the TOP LISTS are out, in full force.

We are honored to have DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK make it onto the BLOOD SPRAYERS TOP TEN OF 2010 LIST. Written by the talented and insightful Cortez the Killer, DHIAT is in good company with THE COMMUNE, THE LAST EXORCISM, TRIANGLE, REC 2, THE TAINT, IN MEMORIUM, DAWNING, LAKE MUNGO, and THE DARKNESS WITHIN.

But what makes these films so gore~geous? And where do they appear on the list? Read the BLOODSPRAYER's FULL TOP TEN FILMS OF 2010 HERE to find out!

Thank you kindly to Cortez the Killer for including our DEAD HOOKER!

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