Monday, December 13, 2010

Twisted Twins talk American Mary with Hannah Neurotica

"In late November Jen & Sylvia Soska announced how they would celebrate the second anniversary of Twisted Twins Productions: release a teaser for their next feature film! Hype was building around just what the teaser for American Mary would contain. Would it be another Grindhouse inspired feature like Dead Hooker in a Trunk (DHIAT) or……..? Just what direction was this creative team heading? As one of the lucky few to view the teaser before it’s December 11th release, it was hard as hell to keep my mouth shut. And yet the twisted twins along with partner in crime/ co- producer CJ Wallis (Fortyfps Productions) are showing excellent willpower in a culture that wants nothing more than instant gratification. It’s been a while since we were given a horror film to look forward to without being inundated with clips and behind the scenes footage and leaks, etc. Not to mention trailers that are so long you feel as though you already saw the damn film. The first American Mary teaser gives very little away but says a lot about the atmosphere and eery body horror vibe that awaits us." ~Hannah Neurotica, Ax Wound Zine

For those of you who are a little late to the awesome fest, allow me to re-introduce you to Hannah Neurotica. She is an incredibly gifted writer. Her knowledge of horror would put would many to shame. She is the creator of Ax Wound Zine. Her official site will inform you that Hannah Neurotica is an artist who uses numerous creative mediums to explore issues of gender, sexuality, and taboo. And this is very true. Ax Wound Zine isn't only loved by we Twisted Twins but also director Eli Roth, Herschell Gordon Lewis (Godfather of Gore: Blood Feast, Gore Gore Girls, 2000 Maniacs!), Lucky Mckee (May, Sick Girl, The Woods), Jovanka Vuckovic (Award winning writer and former Editor-In-Chief of Rue Morgue Magazine (2003-2009), and by horror fans, feminists, and people everywhere. She is also the founder of Women In Horror recognition month (and it's almost time for our annual Massive Blood Drive in celebration of the aforementioned month...).

Hannah also happens to be someone we both respect and admire. She has stood by us and our DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK long before AMERICAN MARY came along. For this reason, she was one of the very first ones to get a look at the new film. We were so happy to have the opportunity to open up about the new teaser, what's in store for the new film, what else is coming up for us all, and what people are saying about AMERICAN MARY.

Be sure to check out the FULL INTERVIEW HERE.

Bloody Best!
Jen and Sylv

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