Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Soska Sisters Vs Brian Shirley of Geek Tyrant! Ready? Chat!

There is something special about doing an interview with a good friend. Allow us to re-introduce you to Brian Shirley of Geek Tyrant, friend of this twisted twosome and dead hooker enthusiast. Heck, he even liked our Dead Hooker film ;)

We had the opportunity to chat with him this morning and got to talk a little more in depth about our new baby, our very special up coming film, AMERICAN MARY. This one's gonna be a real mother fucker, boys and grrls. Minds will be blown, socks will be rocked, trunks will be soiled. It will be beautiful, my friends.

With the BIG release of our AMERICAN MARY teaser on our Twisted Twins anniversary this year, December 11th, we couldn't have been happier to talk about Dead Hookers, the horror business, American Mary, and we even made the time to crap all over the Twilight Saga, ha ha. If you want an emo vampire, I'll stick with my fine ass Louis, thank you very much.

For the delicious audio treat, dig in here!

And be sure to keep your eyes locked on our Official Site for the first look at AMERICAN MARY!!


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