Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Blood, It's In You To Give

We have been absolutely floored by the response to this year's Women In Horror Massive Blood Drive.

Donations are just pouring in (forgive the obvious pun). Elisabeth and Brenda Fies beat their goal collecting blood at this month's BLEEDFEST collecting an astounding 25 pints and a list full of names to donate bone marrow. GeekGirlCon is encouraging geeks to unite and bleed for this very worthy cause.

We've also received two sensational videos promoting the donation of blood all month long, all over the world in celebration of Women In Horror. They come courtesy of two insanely talented women, Sandra S-buckshot and Lindsey Peterson. Both ladies are disgustingly talented make up artists. Please enjoy their gore~geous art below!

Watch, share with your friends (your cool friends), and pass on the word! We want YOUR blood. Don't be too afraid to help.

A most sincere thanks ladies for your wonderful work!