Saturday, February 12, 2011

Twisted Twins on the Proverbial Move Celebrating Women In Horror Month!

The party rages on in 2011's Women In Horror month with world wide celebrations. In case you're living in a cave, let me give you the story.

Women have always been an integral part of film and horror. However, we are still struggling and fighting to be as recognized as our male counter parts. Many people do appreciate and celebrate women and their contributions to film and horror, but we've still got a way to go. Thankfully, we do have some incredible women paving the way and fighting the good fight. Enter one woman who is at the helm of this movement. An astoundingly talented and provocative writer, an unrelenting feminist, the creator of both Ax Wound Zine (loved and read by Eli Roth, Quentin Tarantino, and, of course, yours trulys) and Women In Horror month itself, Hannah Neurotica. This celebration, in one short year, has grown in epic proportions and continues to just get bigger and better, bringing more and more talents into the spotlight where they belong.

We are happy as hell to be the co-founders of the WiH month Massive Blood Drive, a charitable event that runs world wide in conjunction with Women in Horror month encouraging horror fans to give up the red stuff to those most in need. We found it most fitting.

But that's not all! We've been given the esteemed honor of scoring some kick ass interviews in celebration of Women In Horror. It is an honor so immense that it leaves us at a loss for words. We could never hope to truly express our gratitude.

So where we will be chatting and with who? Well, we kicked shit off on ZINE CORE RADIO, a show hosted by Hannah Neurotica and Debbie Rochon that also featured a plethora of female talent, including Shannon Lark, Heidi Martinuzzi, Amy Lynn Best, Denise Gossett, April Monique Burril, and Jovanka Vuckovic.

Coming soon so stay tuned...


Spend Valentines Day with the Twisted Twins and the gore~geous and sensational Dai Green on her official show.

Click here for the details!


The Twisted Twins shall be chatting with our devious and delightful darling, Sam the Horror Man. Details on when the particulars of our cover~talking shall be revealed soon.

Learn more about our horror man here!


12:15pm PST

We couldn't be happier to be on the Jimmy Star show! He is the living personification of cool.

"Dr. Jimmy Star is the Celebrity Renaissance man, a fashion, entertainment and media mogul who brings the good times to cool people willing to learn through the myriad of upscale comprehensive products and service of his empire of companies.

Dr. Jimmy Star
promotes correct thinking about high style and lifestyle based on his 25 years as an executive producer, actor/performer, icon fashion designer, creative and style director, tv/radio commentator, and feature costume designer."

For FULL details, check it out here!

AND this Women In Horror month isn't even HALF over yet!! Let's make this one go out with a BANG!! Tell us about your events and celebrations and stay tuned for more with the Twisted Twins.

Thank you to everyone for your wicked awesome support!


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