Sunday, February 27, 2011

Dread Central Gets An Exclusive on American Mary

AMERICAN MARY is coming, boys and grrls, and you'd better watch the fuck out.

Thanks to the outstanding horror community and their unending support, not only is DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK coming out so y'all can have your very own DEAD HOOKERS in your living rooms, but making our next film, AMERICAN MARY, is a possibility. And, beyond that, a reality. Without your support and the way you have embraced us and our work, none of this would be possible.

Not surprisingly, we intend to thank you with AMERICAN MARY. We hope that it will change the way people look at horror. We intend to make horror history with our new girl. And don't worry, there will be plenty of WTF moments.

Sean Decker, of Dread Central, has indeed scored some inside info on the film. Curious?

Read on...

And do stay tuned. LOTS more in store for AMERICAN MARY.

Bloody Best!

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