Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Happy Women In Horror Recognition Month!

It's February 1st and that means it's now officially WOMEN IN HORROR MONTH!! The month is brain child of feminist, horror writer, and all 'round badass bitch, Hannah Neurotica of Ax Wound Zine.

The month is filled with women in horror being recognized and celebrated with special events, articles, podcasts, radio shows, interviews, film festivals, and charitable events. To find out about these events, check out them out HERE. Nothing near you? Well, why don't you do something yourself? Start an event and spread the word!

How else can you take part ANY time in February ANYWHERE in the world? You can give blood! We Twisted Twins started the Women In Horror Massive Blood Drive in celebration of Women In Horror. You can't really think "horror" without thinking "blood" and it's a way we can be strong like the heroines of horror that first make little girls say, "I wanna be her!" and give back. Every TWO seconds someone needs blood and there is no substitute.

This year, we joined forces with some very amazingly talented Women (and gentlemen supporters) of Horror...


Our music is an original song by the Scarlet Ending. The Scarlet Ending is a six piece Indie band from Syracuse, New York. The group is fronted by identical twin sisters Kayleigh Goldsworthy (Vocals, Guitar, Violin) and Kaleena Goldsworthy (Vocals, Piano, Accordion, Pennywhistle, Melodica, Ukulele), with Jon Tedd (Guitar, Vocals), Jess Hafner (Cello, Synthesizer), and Aaron Garritillo (Bass Guitar). Loosely defined as indie rock, The Scarlet Ending offers a blend of pop with cabaret, the grit of dive bar rock with the charms of three part harmony. Treat yourselves to a little listen of their wonderful music HERE.


The video is directed, shot, cut, and choreographed by CJ Wallis of FortyFPS Productions. CJ is a director, writer, film maker, composer, musician, producer and one of the many men that are strong supporters of women in horror. We will also be working together on AMERICAN MARY. He supported us Twisted Twins before we even began calling ourselves the Twisted Twins and it has been an honor and a pleasure to be able to collaborate with not only a gifted artist, but a great friend.


Shannon Lark is the living personification of the best qualities of a woman in horror: brilliance, beauty, strength, fearlessness, and that "I wanna be her" je ne sais pas. Widely known for her role as the first ever Fangoria Magazine Spooksmodel Shannon continues to pave the way for women in the evolving genre of cinematic horror. She is a director, writer, dancer, actress, and professional Scream Queen. Along with fellow femme fatale Heidi Martinuzzi (of the wicked awesome FanGirlTastic), she heads the first ever women only horror film festival, Viscera Film Festival, an annual event showcasing horror cinema as exclusively created by women. Her anthem of “Bring your daughter to the slaughter” is the siren song to the male dominion within commercial horror cinema. Shannon runs The Chainsaw Mafia (a website for reviews, news, and articles as well as for networking writers, filmmakers, and various artists within the horror genre) a production company focused on horror film and splatter theater.


Maude Michaud is a beautifully gifted fellow Canadian director, film maker, director of photography, writer, and photographer. Even though she is a huge horror fan, she loves to explore a variety of genres in the films she directs, which results in an eclectic body of work including: horror dramas, slightly surreal quirky tales, and explorations of unconventional relationships. Over the years, she independently wrote, directed and produced over 15 short films and video projects, both personal projects and commissioned works. Her work has screened as part of the Young Cuts Festival (Montreal & Toronto), the Wreck-Beach Film Festival (Barrie, Ontario), the Short Film Corner during the Cannes Film Festival (Cannes, France), the Montreal Fetish Film Festival and the International Teen Movie Festival in Toronto.


Marichelle Daywalt is one of the incredible female film makers we met during last years Viscera Film Festival. Her twisted and disturbing short film, MOCKINGBIRD, was among the top films of the festival and a personal favorite of ours. She has recently worked with Scream Queen extraordinaire, Tara Cardinal on her latest short, The Many Doors of Albert Whale which we are just dying to see.
Also, as an independent consultant for Arbonne.com, for the month of February, 15% of all orders placed at Arbonne.com using her referral ID #18707479 (or by phone with her directly) will be donated to the Red Cross!


Brenda and Elisabeth Fies are a pair of sister film making and festival heading femme fatales. They are the co-creators and festival heads of the incredible monthly sensational film festival, BLEEDFEST. Directing, producing, writing, and acting are just a few of their many talents. They are a powerful voice for women in horror and a force to be reckoned with. It is an absolute honor to be able to call these ladies friends.


Jennifer Cooper
is an amazing writer and artist. She has been a huge supporter of Women in Horror. She worked along side of the wonderful Nia Edwards-Behi on the Ghouls On Film Festival of 2010 that marked the VERY first festival in the world to show our demented first born child, DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK. This year she will be bringing DHIAT at LONG last to Scotland at her gore~geous festival cheekily named JENNIFER'S BODIES.

Also featured in the video are your trulys, the Twisted Twins, co-creators of the WiH Massive Blood Drive and story/concept creators for this video, alongside the talented Sierra Pitkin (who many of you will recognize from JUNO and most recently recognize from RUNAWAY).

And who is captivating creature making a very special appearance? Well, that's our Mary. Yes, in this WiH Massive Blood Drive PSA we feature all the talents of these artists AND reveals the actress that will be taking the title role of our highly anticipating up coming film, AMERICAN MARY.

That's right. Happy Women In Horror month!! Let's start this mother fucker off with a BANG!!

Bloody Soaked Best!
Jen and Sylv

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