Saturday, February 12, 2011

Shannon Lark

"The love of exploiting everything terrible in life makes me excited to get up in the morning. It turns the horror into love and beauty, the negative into sheer positive." ~Shannon Lark

If you look at the woman above and see only a beautiful vision spattered in blood comfortably cradling a chainsaw, you haven't even begun to scratch the surface of the exquisite creature that is Shannon Lark. It is with great honor that I bring her to the attention of those of you who already know and adore her and to introduce her to those of you who are a little late to the horror scene.

Shannon caught world wide attention as the first ever Fangoria Magazine Spooksmodel. A vision that effortlessly combines beauty with strength and power, she is so much more than a pretty face. Shannon has been a reigning champion for gender equality and advancement of the female role in horror cinema, standing at the forefront of the evolving genre of cinematic horror with her tireless contributions. A talented writer, dancer, director, producer, editor, actress, and professional Scream Queen, Shannon Lark is the Co-Director/Founder of the Viscera Film Festival (along with the sensational Heidi Martinuzzi), Founder/Adviser and former CEO of The ChainSaw Mafia.

Let me speak for a moment about the incredible Viscera Film Festival. Among the films, played a stunning piece titled "LIPSTICK". It was provocative, sexually charged, and with moments of mutilation that had even the most hardened of gore hounds shifting uncomfortably in their seats. I remember thinking, "oh my God. Who is that woman?" The film, a collaboration between Shannon and the very gifted Stacie Ponder, told the tale of a woman who had been so severely mentally abused and damaged that she believed she was good for only for sex. The result was a series of sexual mutilations and self loathing with a climactic moment so shocking, that even yours truly crossed her legs and had to force herself to keep watching. The film is a must see.

Seeing a stage performance of ROMEO AND JULIET at a young age, Shannon's destiny was set. No, not with that mushy, lovey, dovey bullshit. We're talking BLOOD, boys and grrls. She got a taste for the red stuff and the rest is pretty much history. It is nothing short of an esteemed honor and pleasure to know miss Lark. She conducts herself with incredible professionalism. A combination of brilliance, business savvy, talent, grace, professionalism, strength, and, of course, beauty, Shannon Lark perfectly embodies what brings more and more women into this business. That feeling we all had as little girls staring at the heroines of cinematic past with child like awe saying, "I want to be her."


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  1. Shannon is truly a talent. She was absolutely incredible in Stacie's recent film Ludlow. A one woman show that just captivated you.