Monday, February 14, 2011

Tell me if you're ready, to dissect our Stitch Up Bloody Mary?

elective: [ih-lek-tiv] *open to choice; optional; not required: an elective subject in college; elective surgery.

*in chemistry - selecting for combination or action; tending to combine with certain substances in preference to others: elective attraction.

*an indie two-piece side project/experiment featuring music written and recorded by kayleigh from 'the scarlet ending' and cj from 'fortyfps productions'.

Today, Elective releases its first music video to the cryptically named 'Stitch Up of Bloody Mary'. The video features contemporary dancer, Lucy Rupert, as she invokes her own Bloody Mary through her dance in her studio space. Unique to her movement, she creates a character that is as much a part of the lyrics and sound that she expresses through motion. Please enjoy! The credits are as follows:

Elective - The Stitch-Up Of Bloody Mary
Original Music by Kayleigh Goldsworthy & CJ Wallis
Released February 2011


Directed & Edited by CJ Wallis
Cinematography & Lighting by Robert Walsh

Choreography & Performance by Lucy Rupert

Additional Camera by Jeffrey Zablotny & CJ Wallis
Gaffing by Todd Thompson & Elli Weisbaum
Make-Up By Nicole Stregger

Listen to Elective on Myspace:


Happy Valentines, girls and boys! Blood splattered embraces with lots of love.


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