Sunday, February 27, 2011

Ten Women That Are Brutal As Hell

"How did I choose the ladies on this list, pulling them from the hundreds of others?
First, I wanted there to be a personal connection for myself. These are all films which I admire and have seen more than once. They are ones that I would call favorites. I wanted to eliminate the distancing effect of picking a film because it’s important on a larger scale, or to the majority of genre fans, but not necessarily important to me. When all is said and done the most significant impact a film can have is that of the impact upon an individual. A film succeeds in being most powerful in the intimacy that comes when you’re pulled into it completely.
Second, with the field narrowed I looked at films where women rose above both adversity and their pre-determined station to overcome whatever conflict was presented. I eliminated films where weak women became strong in a final moment. I looked for those films where the woman never backed down, was always strong, always a force to be reckoned with, even if she fell as a victim and was overpowered by her oppressors. Horror as a genre is one that rings truthful, more than any other genre, that good does not always triumph over evil. In spite of this truth, it should never take away from the inherent virtue in fighting for good." ~ Marc Patterson, BRUTAL AS HELL
As Women In Horror recognition month winds to an end one thing has become evident. The appreciation and celebration of women and their countless contributions to horror will not be coming to an end. The month has taken on a life of its own and, as a result, women are being appreciated and recognized more than ever. The founder of this month, Hannah Neurotica, will surely have an indestructible smile on her crimson lips.

Marc Patterson, owner and editor-in-chief of the abso~fucking~lutely brilliant site BRUTAL AS HELL, has taken this opportunity to honor TEN WOMEN IN HORROR THAT BREAK THE MOULD OF CONVENTION. This list contains some of the most badass, inspirational, take-no-shit-from-nobody women to ever grace the screen. Yes, you bet your sweet ass Ripley is on there.

As a supreme honor, both myself and Sylv are also included amongst the list of these incredible women. Not us exactly, but more accurately, BADASS and GEEK are honored. We are just blown away by this great distinction, especially taking a look at the fellow femme fatales to appear on the list. Just, wow.

Thank you so very much to Marc Patterson and BRUTAL AS HELL for this. We are speechless and that special kind of happy that Bruce Willis is in PULP FICTION when he lays eyes on that Katana.

Of course, we've given away already too many ladies to appear on the list. To see the FULL LIST and FIND OUT WHY, read on!

Obviously, I must now go watch PULP FICTION.

Bloody Best!

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