Monday, February 21, 2011

Flush the Fashion Brings on the Rad Storm!!

Flush the Fashion brings on the awesome! When we merrily agreed to have a little chit and chat with Pete Graham, editor extraordinaire of the site, we had hoped for a nice little interview. What we got was an insanely fantastical interview with questions we've NEVER EVEN BEEN ASKED BEFORE!!

The piece is articulately and gore~geously written. The man clearly knows his stuff and has a true passion (not only for fashion) for film and art.

What do we feel makes a good horror movie?

How do you make excellent fake blood on a budget?

How awesome is one mister Eli Roth?

How do we collaborate with one another?

Do we want to work within the Hollywood system?

Who inspires us?

Would we ever make a film outside of our beloved horror genre?

All this and SOOOO much more is answered within this astounding article. Without further blabbing on my part (and my dear friends, you DO know I enjoy a good blab fest), here is the main course.

Check out the FULL ARTICLE HERE.

Please enjoy, boys and grrls!!


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